2023 L'Oréal Big Bang Beauty Tech Showcase: French Innovation Unleashed

November 24th 2023

French Innovation Takes Center Stage at Shanghai Expo with L'Oréal's Big Bang Beauty Tech Startup Challenge 2023

In a celebration of cutting-edge French expertise, six dynamic start-ups, handpicked by Business France China, showcased their ingenuity at the 6th Shanghai International Import Expo (CIIE) under the umbrella of L'Oréal's prestigious Big Bang Beauty Tech Startup Challenge 2023.

The primary aim of this competition was to fast-track collaborative projects between Chinese and French start-ups, focusing on technologies aligned with L'Oréal's pivotal areas of interest: Future Science, Packaging, and Formulation.

In the backdrop of the French President's state visit to China in April 2023, Laurent Saint-Martin and L'Oréal President Jean-Paul Agon solidified an agreement, marking the formal launch of a program dedicated to supporting and fostering innovation among Chinese start-ups and SMEs. Notably, this partnership included a generous €1.3 million funding injection from L'Oréal to incubate French laureates eager to establish their presence in the Chinese market.

Business France China meticulously curated a cohort of 30 French start-ups to partake in this groundbreaking challenge. Among them, CTIBiotech, Gattefossé, Klytia, PapKot, Laboratoires Sethic Innovations, and Symbiologic—selected and nurtured by L'Oréal—stood out. These visionary companies, driven by advancements in Future Science, Packaging, and Formulation, underwent a transformative journey guided by the expert ADVS China team.

The prestigious award ceremony unfolded at L'Oréal's dedicated space during the 6th CIIE. The French Consul General in Shanghai, alongside L'Oréal's President for North Asia, bestowed the 2023 French laurel upon CTIBiotech—a Lyon-based start-up specializing in revolutionary 3D printing and additive manufacturing for dermato-cosmetic and personal care innovations.

Looking forward, the 2024 edition of the Big Bang L'Oréal X Business France competition promises even greater heights, serving as a beacon for the prowess of French savoir-faire. As we anticipate the celebration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between France and the People's Republic of China, this platform continues to foster connections, driving collaborative endeavors that transcend borders and shape the future of beauty technology