Loire Valley Wines unveil new identity: Strengthening global and domestic presence

April 17th 2024

Presented at the Paris & Vinexpo Paris Fair, Loire Valley wines have adopted a fresh, collective identity aimed at bolstering their presence in international markets and reclaiming recognition domestically. Farewell to "wines of the Loire Valley," and welcome back to "Loire wines" as the identifier for the Interprofessional Association of Loire Valley Wines (InterLoire), encompassing 34 AOCs from Pays Nantais to Touraine and IGP Val de Loire, reverting to their pre-2001 shared identity.


New identity for enhanced recognition

The goal is to equip operators with a collective identity "so that everyone can recognize themselves and approach exports with greater strength," explains Sophie Talbot, director of InterLoire. This identity is also intended to bolster the reputation of Loire wines in the national market, where recent erosion has been noted by panels, potentially impacting current commercial success.


Symbolism of the new logo

Featuring various blue layers, the new logo signifies the diversity of Loire terroirs and their production (red, white, rosé, sweet, and sparkling wines), their connection to the river (the backbone of the valley), and the freshness of white wines (the Loire being the foremost AOP production region).

Now manifested as a logo, this identity could become a fixture on Loire AOC labels. A proposal to integrate the "Loire wine" designation as a broader geographical unit into Loire appellations will be reviewed on June 30 by the Regional Committee of the National Institute of Origin and Quality (INAO). Integration into specifications could make claiming the "Loire wine" designation on AOC and IGP labels of the Loire Valley mandatory or optional.


A Manifesto of heritage and diversity

A manifesto declares, "The Loire is our mother. The plural identity of our wines reflects its character: free and wild. For 2000 years, our expertise has absorbed its incredible geological wealth. Reminding us, amidst lands of water and lands of lava, that volcanoes do not taste like oceans, and their union awakens natural beauty. In its presence, our inspiration is infinite. The Loire has made us the bridge. The bridge between vineyards and landscapes recognized by UNESCO's World Heritage, between flourishing yet confidential domains, between shades of reds, rosés, and whites, of sparkling and sweet wines, between straightforward and complex wines. By bringing the shores closer, we produce an immensely rich array of wines. A delicate balance that we are eager to share. Because openness to others, to the curious as well as the initiated, is our true nature. The Loire is more than our source of inspiration. It is the cradle of all our creations. And it is by learning each day to adapt and preserve its nature that we achieve the unique harmony of Loire Wines: wines of a lifetime."


Global Impact and Opportunities

For global wine professionals and businesses, the new identity of Loire Valley wines offers a strong, unified brand that stands out in international markets. The emphasis on heritage, diversity, and quality reinforces the region's reputation as a leading wine producer. This rebranding initiative presents opportunities for importers, distributors, and retailers to leverage the esteemed Loire wines in their offerings.

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