French wine exports healthier than ever!

November 27th 2023

France has never before seen such successful figures for its wine exports. In 2022, a record turnover of 12.3 bn EUR was registered (+10.9% / 2021) for 14.0 Mhl of wine sold (-5% / 2021). This accounts for almost one third of global exports value as France benefits from a shift in consumption habits to better quality wines, despite worldwide high inflation, the energy crisis caused by the conflict in Ukraine, and global supply chain disruptions.



On the supply side, France’s success story continues too. Whereas worldwide grape production in 2023 has been less than average due to generalised adverse weather conditions (spring frost, hail, excess heat, and drought), the 2023 vintage in France has defied the negative trends in neighbouring EU countries and globally, with volumes slightly on the rise compared to 2022, and more distinctly so with respect to its last five-year average (+3%). In quality terms the French 2023 vintage is also remarkable thanks to a low incidence of grape disease and to late summer rainfall resulting in a beautiful ripeness and exceptional quality.