Cream of the Crop: Savoring the Rich Heritage and Innovation of French Dairy

March 13th 2024

In the heart of Europe, France's dairy sector stands out as a beacon of tradition, quality, and innovation. Unlike the trends observed across the European Union, France has carved its own path in dairy production, showcasing the resilience and excellence of its local farms. Despite a challenging year with a slight downturn in production by 3% during the first 11 months of 2023, as reported by FranceAgriMer, the French dairy industry continues to thrive on a foundation of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.


The costs associated with dairy farming, from feed to energy, have indeed risen since 2021. However, this has not deterred French dairy farms from pursuing excellence. These challenges have inspired a wave of innovation within the industry, driving efficiency and sustainability to new heights.


Moreover, the commitment to quality is reflected in the pricing of dairy products. While the prices of butter, yoghurt, liquid milk, and cheese have seen an increase, reflecting a global trend, they remain a testament to the value and demand for French dairy, known for its rich taste and superior quality. The price adjustments, including an 11% increase for butter and yoghurt and a 10% increase for liquid milk from November 2022 to November 2023, underscore the consumers' unwavering demand for these premium products.


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