France takes high ground to reshape international trade in Davos

November 24th 2023

The 54th edition of the Davos Economic Forum kicked off on January 15th. Here's a recap of a memorable event that highlighted the French delegation's efforts.


With over 2,800 participants from 100 countries – including political leaders, economic decision-makers, representatives from global NGOs, academics, journalists, and opinion leaders such as Elon Musk, CEO of X, Sam Altman CEO of OpenIA, John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate- Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, and President Emmanuel Macron – the event took place in the Swiss Alpine resort town to discuss and exchange ideas on the theme "Rebuilding Trust."


President Emmanuel Macron led the French delegation, which included business leaders from various sectors. The delegation aimed to showcase French expertise and innovation on the global stage.


During the forum, the French delegation actively engaged in discussions and exchanges with international counterparts. Highlights included:

  • A luncheon discussing French innovations in healthcare, featuring companies like DMS Imaging, Qubit Pharmaceuticals, TheraPanacea, and WhiteLab Genomics, engaging with representatives from Jubilant Bhartia Group (India), Insilico Medicine (Hong Kong), Fresenius (Germany), Huawei (China), Novartis (Switzerland), and others.
  • A luncheon on French industry, showcasing companies like Ascendance Flight Technologies, Exens Solutions, Guinault, Hemeria, Verkor, and Waga Energy, interacting with representatives from Rio Tinto (UK), Sumitomo Corporation (Japan), APCO Worldwide (US), Newcleo (UK), and Acea (Italy).
  • An artificial intelligence luncheon, promoting La French Tech, with companies -like Dust, Giskard, Pellenc ST, Mistral AI, Whitelab Genomics, Ose Group, GateWatcher, Useenlabs, and Crime Science Technology engaging with representatives from Microsoft (US), LinkedIn (US), Paypal (US), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (US), NTT DATA Group Corporation (Japan), Alpha Capital (Saudi Arabia), and Uber (US).

The French delegation's participation in Davos underscored France's commitment to global cooperation and innovation.